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UX, Information Architecture, User flow, UI
The Wave software is a comprehensive content management system for video displayed in retail locations, restaurant networks, or public utility spaces.
↳ About our client
M4B is a Polish company delivering top-notch and innovative technological solutions for Trade and Services. By tailoring their solutions, M4B addresses individual needs, serving as both a designer and manufacturer of devices customized to specific client and industry requirements. With a presence in the market since 2004, their position as an international market leader is secured through the quality of business solutions, cutting-edge technology, and comprehensive services they offer. Currently, M4B has installed over 2500 displays and more than 3500 multimedia kiosks, with their implementations spanning across 6000 locations worldwide.
↳ The challenge
The challenge in this project was to redesign a comprehensive video content management system, displayed in sales locations, restaurant networks, and public utility spaces. Another key functionality was to design the interface in a way that allows for content display and customization of messages based on location, retail point, time of day, or even the hour. At the same time, considering that each retail point is unique and differences in customer habits depend on the time of day, location, or season, it has been a challenge for owners until now.
↳ The solution
The system redesign not only allowed for adaptation to current needs but also ensured flexible scalability in the future. Each element was designed with the goal of providing smooth and efficient operation, forming the foundation of the client's business strategy. Equally significant was the challenge of giving the application a new, distinctive image. Currently, brands such as CC, Reserved, and KFC in Poland and Europe are among those utilizing the system.
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