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UX, UI, Mobile, E-Commerce
E-commerce template package in accordance with the "Democratic Design" principle.
↳ About our client
cyber_folks is an innovative technological group offering comprehensive solutions in the field of digital business transformation, supporting businesses worldwide in their online presence and the automation of business processes, marketing, and sales. We ensure comprehensive customer service and generate annual revenues exceeding 460 million PLN.
↳ The challenge
The challenge in this project was to design reusable, elegant, and minimalist templates for e-commerce stores, enabling every client to fully utilize a budget-friendly solution crafted by experienced designers in line with the principle of "Democratic Design".
↳ The solution
As a result of our work, we have designed three unique templates – fully responsive, customizable, minimalist, and elegant – tailored for the Art, Beauty, and Fashion industries. Currently, these templates are available on the client's website, allowing any user aiming for a distinctive and well-designed store to utilize them.
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