Beard The Lumberjack is concept of a platform game. We create a game for the older generation (18+).
We created a script for the game, about a mature hero, drew all the characters and created a world for them. We love this game and this project;)
scope of work
Branding, Characters/Illustrations, Game UX/UI, Social media
Far far away.. Somewhere in a parallel world, far away in the mountains, there lives a lumberjack. His name is Beard. One day he decides to embark on the best adventure of his life to find love. During his journey he encounters many obstacles, one of which is a certain villain - a hairdresser who wants to shave hi beautiful beard of the Beard The Lumberjack. The second obstacle is Shaggy, a mysterious figure from the mountains.His best friend, the dog, Dark Shadow, also accompanies him on his adventure. To achieve his goal, he needs a lot of energy to make up for it, he needs a good whisky, steaks and a pipe to smoke....Will he make it? Time will tell...
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