Beard The Lumberjack

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UX, Information Architecture, User flow, UI, Characters, Stories
Mobile platform game about the adventures of a Lumberjack named Beard
↳ About our client
Innovative design studio specializing in creating exceptional products. We infuse our creative magic into your idea, enabling us to collaboratively craft brilliant products.
↳ The challenge
The project involved the creation and development of a proprietary mobile game titled "Beard The Lumberjack," designed for users aged 18+. The challenge was to create the story, characters, world, and a comprehensive game interface.
↳ The solution
As a result of our work, there was great enjoyment in creating the world and characters. The storyline crafted for the game, with a romantic touch, will tug at the heartstrings of even the toughest individuals because, as everyone knows, in life, only true love matters.
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