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Better Software Group
Smart TV App, Web App, Design System
Intuitive application that allows users to watch comfortably their favorite movies, videos, or live-streaming content.
↳ About our client
Better Software Group is a key innovator in the media and entertainment industry, consistently enhancing global viewing experiences. Their primary goal is to transform the VOD and streaming space for the BETTER. They aim to push boundaries by influencing the way the world consumes digital media and streaming content.
↳ The challenge
The challenge was to design a Video on Demand (VOD) platform from scratch that surpasses limitations, finding utility not only in the film and sports sectors but also in various realms of entertainment and art.
↳ The solution
We designed an intuitive and functional interface for the VOD application from the ground up. We placed a strong emphasis on the multidimensionality of the project, ensuring it can be utilized across various segments of art, entertainment, and sports. This project encompassed an innovative approach to content consumption, with a particular emphasis on live event streaming and VOD.
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