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UX, Information Architecture, User flow, UI
Primetric is a (SAS) tool for finding and planning the best specialists for a project based on their technical skills, availability, and cost rates.
↳ About our client
Primetric is the #1 Professional Services Automation Software for Small and Medium Services Businesses on the market. It is a tool for seamlessly integrating employee workload with financial data. With it, you can track and forecast employee availability, as well as project profitability, all in one source tailored specifically for your company providing professional IT services.
↳ The challenge
The challenge in this project was to design an intuitive and functional interface for the application, where it is essential to display multiple variable data coming from various sources and multiple IT companies.
↳ The solution
The result of our work was a well-designed and functional application interface. We focused on clarity and effective presentation of a vast amount of data displayed in various forms. Currently, the application is available in 12 countries. Clients utilizing its functionalities have already saved over $1 million. It is used by more than 12,000 users worldwide and is a leader in the PSA market for small and medium-sized companies providing professional IT services. In 2023, it became a part of the BigTime platform, an industry leader in time tracking, project management, invoicing, and payments in the United States.
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