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One Solution
UX/UI, Information Architecture, Design System, Mobile
AI-powered personal voice assistant
↳ About our client
ONE Solution Group is a global provider of solutions in the rapidly evolving market of next-generation IT solutions. The mission and vision of One Solution Group involve simplifying and digitizing business processes through Voice and AI technologies.
↳ The challenge
Verification and implementation of key changes to the information architecture for Voice UI, along with the design of a new interface. It was crucial for the client that the application be predominantly operated through the voice interface, ensuring it is useful and functional for end users.
↳ The solution
We have designed a new information architecture, user journeys, and messaging from the ground up. Additionally, a modern voice interface, supported by artificial intelligence, has been created, allowing for an almost touchless interaction with the application. Thanks to the cutting-edge features in the interface, users can focus on engaging in conversations with their exclusive ONE Assistant while using the app.
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