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Information Architecture, UX/UI, Branding
Platform to organising and managing events
↳ About our client
EventUI is a company comprised of experienced event managers for whom organizing events is not just a job but a lifestyle. Drawing from their wealth of experience, they consistently seek optimal and effective solutions that streamline both time and budget.
↳ The challenge
Our challenge was to create a comprehensive and intuitive tool for event organization. A platform that would efficiently facilitate the organization of events by automating the most time-consuming and repetitive processes associated with event preparation, management, and analysis.
↳ The solution
We have crafted the EventUI Platform, a user-friendly solution that effortlessly gathers, organizes, and creates the essential elements of an event, making it easier to manage. Thanks to a precisely designed information architecture, we successfully eliminated critical points in the processes, both from the participant's and the organizer's perspectives. On our end, we also took care of designing the application's branding and the design system.
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